Genealogy of  Thomas Hutchinson and Cecilia Fisher Sim.
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Hutchinson family tree.
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  Thomas Hutchinson.


Cecilia Fisher Sim.
Born 28 September 1845.   31 January 1860.
Place Braemar.   Braemar.
Died 21 September 1924.   24 August 1958.
Place Braemar.   Braemar.
Married 16 January 1890.   16 January 1890.
Place St Cuthbert's, 73 Lothian Road, Edinburgh.
(A temperance hotel. Forms of the Free Church)
  St Cuthbert's, 73 Lothian Road, Edinburgh.
Ancestors George Hutchinson and Jessie McDonald.   William Sim & Mary Stewart.
Siblings 4 brothers, 4 sisters.   4 sisters, 7 brothers.



Minister & Elders of Braemar Parish Church.

Rear - Thomas Gordon (Baker), Charles Sim (Butcher), A G Cumming (Contractor), J B Ewen (Joiner).
Front - Thomas Hutchinson (Butcher), J Hendry (Grocer), Rev H L Moir (1903-1911), John Aitken (Shoemaker).


Cliff House, Braemar; 15 September 1935.
Complete photograph.



Born 28th September, baptised 7 November, 1845 at Braemar (OPR).
"This leaves us all weel at present and we was blist with a fine young son upon the 28 Septr his name is Thomas." (Letter from his father in SC.4/22/10, Hutchison v Hutchison)

Parents George Hutchinson (1801-1861) and Jess McDonald (1805-1882)

Married Cecilia Fisher Sim.

Spent his life or most of it in Braemar. In 1851 and 1861 censuses, a scholar living with his parents. Not in Braemar in 1871. In 1881 living with his brother George at Balnellan, described as a general servant. In 1891 living at Morningside Cottage, described as butcher. From 1904, he and his family lived in Balnellan, Morningside Cottage being tenanted. In 1899, 1905, 1908, 1910 described as butcher (executries, son's deaths). In 1920 and 1922, farmer and general dealer (daughters' marriages). In 1921 (own will) general dealer. Butcher and general dealer business was originally his brother George's, later Hutchinson & Sim in partnership with his wife's brother Charlie Sim.

On 3rd August 1890, he moved from the Established Church to Braemar Free Church, where he was elected to the office of Deacon on 31 October 1893 and to that of elder in 1902 (CH.3/360/1 and 7).

Teetotal, apparently in response to alcoholic excesses of his brother and business partner George, he ran the Braemar Temperance Society (pledge book in SRO, GD.1/756/3). At the meeting in which he was elected deacon of the Free Church, it was agreed to use unfermented wine at the Lord's Supper (CH.3/360/1).

Died on 21 September 9124 (gravestone). In his TD&S (will) he left legacies to his daughters, the United Free Church in Braemar and Quarrier's Homes at Bridge of Weir (SC.1/37/45, 15 December 1924). He left estate value of 4,110: 0: 91/2, mainly composed of his interest in the firm of Hutchinson & Sim, general dealers, Braemar, of 3,983: 3: 101/2, and the value 100 of Morningside Cottage, a wooden building with no title" which was rented (SC.1/36/194, 15 December 1924).

Burial: St Andrew's churchyard, Braemar.

  SIM, Cecilia Fisher ("Cecy")

Born 31 January 1860 at Braemar (family bible).

Parents: William Sim (1821-1893) and Mary Stewart (1824-1908).

Married Thomas Hutchinson (1845-1924) on Thursday 16th January 1890 at 73 Lothian Road [a temperance hotel], Edinburgh, according to the forms of the Free Church. Witnesses: James McDonald, Johanna F Sim (family bible, BDM).

Honeymoon in south of England [Blackheath? Torquay?] (family knowledge).

In 1872, aged 11 and at Braemar Public School, she stitched a sampler (now in possession of her granddaughter Cecile).

In 1875, joined Braemar Free Church. (CH.3/360/7)

In 1881 census, at home with parents at 2 Castleton Terrace.

Some time later, before her marriage, she had a position as housekeeper in Edinburgh (family knowledge). But spent most of her life in Braemar.

In 1891 census, living at Morningside [cottage]. From 1904 lived at Balnellan (CH.3/360/6). After her husband's death, bought Cliff house and lived there until her death (family knowledge).

Died 24 August 1958 (gravestone) aged 98. Myocardial degeneration with arterioscerosis, cert. by Wm Mckenzie MB ChB.
Burial: St Andrew's.
Informant of death, Mary Helen Sinclair, daughter.

A truly Christian woman.






Both columns CS. 24 February 2002.

All born at Braemar.

ref Name Born Died Biography.
  Jessie. ("Cis") 2 Feb 1891 7 Feb 1957 b. Morningside, Castletown, Braemar. m. 7 Jul 1920. John (Jock) Walker.

Graduated MA, 1913, Aberdeen. Teacher.
Spent most of her married life in Durham, where she died 7 Feb 1957.

  Mary Helen (May). 31 May 1892 17 Jan 1976 m. 9 Jul 1930. George Herbert Sinclair.
  George. ("Georgie") 16 Jul 1894 27 Jun 1899 Drowned accidentally in the Cluny "about 80 yards above the bridge in the village of Braemar" on 27 June 1899. (Death certificate was corrected from 9.30am on 28 June).
Burial: St Andrew's.
  Isabella Cecilia. ("Bee") 14 Dec 1895 25 Jul 1972 m. 24 Jul 1922. John Douglas ("Dougie") Todd. Civil servant.
  William Thomas. 2 Jul 1900 18 Jun 1910 Willie drowned accidentally in the Cluny on 18 June 1910. Willie liked fishing. Death certificate originally gave time of death as 0 hours 30 minutes on 19 June "about 100 yards east of the Bridge and opposite the sawmill, Castleton of Braemar", but this is corrected to 18 June "in the Linn Pot of the Cluny burn, near the village of Braemar".
Burial: St Andrew's.

"Biography" column from CS 24 February 2002. (Family bible, BDM, family knowledge, gravestone).