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Genealogy of William Sim and Mary Stewart.
Sim family tree.

  William Sim.


Mary Stewart.
Born 1821.   1824.
Died 1893.   1908.


ref Name Born Died


  Jeannie. 1848 1874 Stayed in Braemar. Died at Allanmore.
  Maggie. 1849 1906 Stayed in Braemar.
  Peter. 1851 1928 A mason, I think in Angus. In later life, he and most of his family emigrated to Canada. A grandson visited Braemar during the 2nd world war. One daughter and her twin daughters, Lillie and Nennie Waitt, stayed on in Edinburgh. Died Montreal, Canada.
  George. 1853 1906 Emigrated to the USA at 17 after a row with his father. Ended up in California and died in San Francisco shortly after the earthquake. There were a few letters from him, which I have given to the Scottish Record Office. He had children. His brother Henry tried to find them, in the 1920's but failed.
  Mary Ann. 1855   In service in Edinburgh. Married twice. She, second husband and her two sons emigrated to Canada. One son corresponded with my mother but that line died out. Mary Ann was a dressy lady (unlike her stay-at-home sisters). My mother said that Alistair Sim in The Belles of St Trinians looked like her.
  John. 1856   Moved to Edinburgh and was the bootmaker you mentioned (I didn't know or had forgotten about Uncle Charlie's foot). I was in touch with his granddaughter Nancy Sim, but since her death have no contact with his family though there are some in Edinburgh.
  Willie. 1858 1944 Of Tomintoul fame. Quite a character, larger than life (big fish in small pond), not altogether approved of in our branch of the family. I am in touch with one great-grandson of his, Ian McLean (long story), but Eileen rather mysteriously has put me in touch with another, Leslie Allan.
  Cecilia. 1860 1958 Grandma Cecilia comes in here.
  Charlie. 1861 1943 Stayed in Braemar, and of whom you know. I remember him well from my childhood. He always seemed to be driving some improbable vehicle which he had built himself. My Cousin Ian Todd has inherited his carpentry skill (I am handless like my father.) We were in Braemar when Charlie had his fatal accident. His widow, Aunt Annie was always very kind to me.
  Henry. 1864 1947 Went to university, and became a teacher, later headmaster in Edinburgh. Both his sons died tragically young. Us youngsters were always met with some family censorship about the tragedy of handsome Willie, the naval officer. Uncle Henry, a widower, ended his days in Braemar staying with his sister Joey. He was a lovely old man.
Joey. 1866 1955 Spent her life at 2 Castleton Terrace, Braemar. Another important figure in my childhood. . both she and Aunt Annie made excellent pancakes.
401 Alec. 1868 1939 Went to Edinburgh, where he had his own tailoring business and became a distinguished citizen. He married Bella Macintyre and had four children: Bill, who was a professional singer (his children and grandchildren are still in Edinburgh); Kate, who married John Duncan; Joey, who married Jack Curle; and Alistair the actor. My mother and her sisters were very close to Kate and Joey, so you probably met them at some stage. My impression is that Alistair rather grew away from the family after he went on stage, and also that he was much fonder of his mother than his father. On the other hand all the family were immensely proud of his success, and I remember my mother saying rather pointedly to me that Alistair was very good financially to his mother! His widow Naomi wrote a biography of him, ( ISBN 0747500525) which is very interesting but says little of his family background.

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