Genealogy of John Walker and Jessie Hutchinson.
Hutchinson family tree.

  John (Jock) Walker.


Jessie (Cis) Hutchinson.
Born     2 February 1891.
Place     Morningside, Castletown, Braemar.
Died 20 March 1957    
Place Durham.    
Married     7 July 1920.
Ancestors     Thomas Hutchinson and Cecilia Fisher Sim.
Siblings     2 sisters, 2 brothers.


Education - Co Durham. MC: MBE. MA 1910. BSc Apr 1912.
Lecturer in agriculture, 
Asst Secy for Agriculture.
[TMH] )
  Graduated MA, 1913, Aberdeen. Teacher.
Spent most of her married life in Durham, where she died 7 Feb 1957.


ref Name Born Died Biography.
  Cecile Ann Gardiner Walker 1923 2005* m. Roger Elliot, 3 dau: Fiona Anne, married Graham Hardman, 1 Son, 1 Dau; Sheila Margaret, married James Clark, divorced; Elizabeth Lucy, married Herve Ancelin, widowed.
  Alasdair John Hutchinson Walker 1927 16 Oct 2005* m. Joyce Scandleberry, 1 dau: Alison married Derek Matthews, 1 son, 1 dau.

"Biography" column from CS 24 February 2002. (Family bible, BDM, family knowledge, gravestone).
*Jane Todd.