At Cliff house, Braemar. 15 September 1935.
Photograph by Andrew Hutchison.

At Cliff House, Braemar. Probably spring of 1928, or summer 1927.

Rear: from left - Alex Jamieson (Brother in law of Eleanor (Mundie) Hutchison). Eleanor I M Hutchison. Mrs Dorothy (Sinclair) Mead (sister of Herbert Sinclair). Irene Hutchison. (daughter of Andrew Hutchison). Herbert Sinclair.

Front: from left - Cecil Sinclair. Mary Helen (Hutchinson) Sinclair.
Cecilia (Sim) Hutchinson (mother of Mary Helen),
Thomas Hutchison (husband of) Eleanor (Mundie) Hutchison.

Rear: from left - (?). Mary Helen Hutchinson. Peter Mundie (father of Eleanor (Mundie) Hutchison. (?). (?). Dan or David Murray.

Seated: from left - Joey Sim. Eleanor (Mundie) Hutchison. Cecilia (Sim) Hutchinson.

Front: - Eleanor I M Hutchison and (father) Thomas Hutchison.

Dogs: - Paddy & Mike.