Genealogy of  Cecil James Herbert Sinclair.
Hutchinson family tree.

Sim family tree.

  Cecil Sinclair: Archivist.


Born 21 May 1931.    
Place Braemar, Scotland.    
Died 20 October 2004.    
Place Edinburgh.    
Ancestors Herbert Sinclair and Mary Helen Hutchinson.    


Cecil Sinclair,
Mother - May (Hutchinson) Sinclair,
Grandmother - Cecilia Fisher (Sim) Hutchinson.
Cliff house, Braemar; 15 Sept 1935.
Complete photograph.

Archivist in Scottish Record Office.
Assistant keeper of the records of Scotland. (Scottish Record Office, now National Archives of Scotland.)
Gay rights campaigner.
Author of -
    Tracing your Scottish Ancestors.
    Tracing Scottish Local History.
    Jock Tamson's Bairns.

Cecil Sinclair was the only son of Helen Mary (May) Hutchinson, of Braemar, who was a great friend of our youth (Eleanor's and mine) My records show that we spent seven successive years' summer holidays in Braemar, from about 1926 onwards, all in the company of the Hutchinson family. (This is how they spelt their name). May, several years older than us, and responsible for running the family Butchers' shop, was our guide and mentor. 

You met May's mother,  "old" Mrs Hutchinson, in 1958, when we visited Braemar en famille.  She was then a very old lady, and died shortly afterwards. We lifted you up so that she and you could have a wee chat while she held court in bed.
May married Herbert Sinclair, the Banker of Braemar. (Union Bank). They moved on to Dunblane, where Cecil went to school, then to Edinburgh where he attended University.

TMH to GH. November 2004.




Obituary.  Scotsman Newspaper. 29 October 2004.