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Genealogy of  George Herbert Sinclair and Mary Helen Hutchinson.
Hutchinson family tree.

Sim family tree.

  George Herbert Sinclair: Banker.
Union Bank of Scotland.


 Mary Helen (May) Hutchinson.
Born 25 May 1893.   25 May 1892.
Place St Margaret's Hope, Orkney.   Braemar, Scotland.
Died 6 February 1950.   17 January 1976.
Place Edinburgh.   Edinburgh.
Married 9 July 1930.   9 July 1930.
Place Braemar.   Braemar.
Ancestors James Sinclair & Mary Kennedy Allan.   Thomas Hutchinson & Cecilia Fisher Sim.
Siblings     2 brothers, 2 sisters.


George Herbert Sinclair.

Union Bank of Scotland Agent, Braemar.

  Mary Helen Hutchinson.

Born Morningside Cottage, Braemar, 31 May 1892, worked as cashier in the family butcher's firm Hutchinson & Sim, Married George Herbert Sinclair, Union Bank of Scotland agent, Braemar, on 9 July 1930, living later in Dunblane and Edinburgh. Died in Edinburgh on 17 January 1976.

Cecil James Herbert Sinclair, born 21 May 1931. Archivist in Scottish Records Office.


CS. 24 February 2002.



ref Name Born Died Married
152 Cecil James Herbert. 21 May 1931. 20 Oct 2004. U.M.