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Genealogy of  George Hutchison (Hutchinson) and Jessie McDonald.
Hutchison family tree.

Hutchinson family tree.

  George Hutchison (Hutchinson).


Jessie McDonald.
Born 21 August 1801.   1805*
Place Peterhead, Scotland.   Braemar.
Died 17 June 1861.   24 September 1882*
Place Castletown, Braemar, Aberdeenshire.   Woodside Cottage, Castletown, Braemar.
Married 7 December 1828.   7 December 1828.
Place Crathie & Braemar.   Crathie & Braemar.
Ancestors George Hutchison and Christian Keith.   Alexander McDonald and Isabella Grant.
Siblings 9 Brothers, 2 sisters.    

* CS 24 Feb 2002.

This branch of the family descends from George Hutchison (Hutchinson), (21/ 8/1801 - 17/ 6/1861), who changed the spelling by inserting the "N"  -  no one knows why. He was the third child of George Hutchison (17/ 7/1765 - 11/10/1844) who married Christian Keith. This Braemar George was succeeded by Thomas who married the lady you saw in bed in 1958. Tom died in 1924, so I was never aware of him; but he was a great friend and financial supporter of my father, when he first bought shares in the Barclay, Ross & Hutchison business. He was not, though, the oldest son and heir; who had moved to London, as a servant of Queen Victoria.
 It seems odd to me that this line is the senior in the family as we recognise it, yet neither Eileen nor I have done anything much to follow the line through three generations who lived in London.  I rather think that there should be several families of Hutchinsons there, who ought to be interested in their history, but we've never met any.

TMH to GH. November 04.

  Roman Catholic until her marriage (family knowledge).
At Inverey until her marriage, then at Castletown of Braemar. By 1871 at Woodside Cottage where she died. In the 1871 valuation roll, she is proprietor (ie leaseholder) of (this) house and garden on Mar estate.

Died 23 (gravestone or 24 (BDM) September 1882 0f apoplexy. Cert. by James Noble MD, informant: James Hutchinson, son.

Hutchinson, George.

Born in Peterhead on 21 August 1801. Baptised in Parish of Cruden, date not given but presumably when parents moved there c1804. (census, OPR)

At some stage, left Cruden and came to Braemar. Miller at Castletown of Braemar, certainly from 1834 (OPR). Miller in 1841 census. Miller and grain dealer in 1851 census. In 1855/6 valuation roll, he is tenant of house, lands and meal mill of Kindrochit. In 1861 census, general dealer; meal miller on death certificate; flesher in executry; miller on gravestone. Miller and butcher in wife's death certificate.

In 1846 he brought a lawsuit against his brother James Hutchison. Shortly before the death of their father in Cruden, several of his family had met together and made a division of their father's means. James was entrusted with George's share and wrote to tell him so. James claimed that this letter said that the share was 2, George that it was 10 and that the bank had accepted the letter as credit for 10 towards a debt he had incurred. However, the sheriff found that part of the "two" in the letter had been erased to make it read "ten" and James was ordered to pay only 2. (Peterhead Sheriff Court SC.4/22/10, 14 April 1847, Hutchison v Hutchison) [An examination of the letter which was produced as evidence suggests that the sheriff was correct. Two letters from George are also productions in the case.]

Household in 1851 census included a visitor: Thomas Pearce junior, 28, annuitant, born in London. In 1861, two lodgers.

Died of 17 June 1861 of pulmonary apoplexy (gravestone, BDM). Cert. by James Cannon MD, informant of death: George Hutchinson, son. Value of his personal estate was 140: 17: 10, which consisted of cash 1: 10: 6, household furniture and effects, cattle, crop etc 60: 11: 5; debts due to him 77: 11: 11 calculated down  to 38: 15: 11; value of houses etc at Castletown of Braemar, payable to the deceased by Farquharson of Invercauld 40. (SC.1/36/52, p.158)

CS. 24 February 2002.


All born in Braemar.

ref Name Born Died Biography.
  John James 13 Apr 1830 30 Apr 1834 Bapt 24 Apr 1830. Burial: St Andrew's, Braemar.
  Christian Keith 23 May 1832 14 Feb 1833 Bapt 9 June 1832. Burial: St Andrew's.
152 George. 22 Mar 1834 16 Jan 1913 m. 1864. Anne or Annie McHardy.
  Alexander 16 Aug 1836 15 Dec 1856 Christening: 10 Sep 1836. Scholar 1851 census. Clothier's apprentice when he died at Castleton of hydrocephalas. (OPR, gravestone (St Andrew's), BDM).
CS. 24 Feb 2002.
  Jessie (Janet 1891 census) 30 Oct 1838 5 May 1905 Baptised 20 Nov 1838 (OPR). Stayed in Braemar. In 1861 census at home with parents, no professional designation. In 1871 living as servant with her aged maternal grandmother at 1 Dalgowan House. In 1881 servant to a gamekeeper in Glen Ey, age given as 34[!]. In 1891 domestic servant to another gamekeeper at Dauchloch age more correctly as 53. Domestic servant when died on 5 May 1905 at Choinnaich, Castleton, of bronchitis and dilated heart (gravestone, BDM) intestate.
CS. 24 February 2002.
  Isabella (Isa) 1 Oct 1840 24 Jun 1923 Baptised 22 December 1840. Stayed in Braemar. In 1852 she made a sampler which is in the possession of her great-great-niece Jane Todd or McGovern. In 1861 census in domestic service, though at home. Member of Free Church in 1865 [rest of family appears to be Established Church]. In 1871 laundress, living with her mother. In 1881 living with her mother. In 1891 lodging housekeeper at Choinnach. Lodger was female teacher. In 1891 valuation roll, proprietor [ie leaseholder] of house and garden at Choinnach. In 1908, 1913 (wills) still at Choinnach. died on 24 June 1922 at Balnellan of senile decay. Cert: by D W Warren, MB, ChB. Informant of death: Isabella Hutchinson (Bee), neice.
Burial: St Andrew's.
Testament - Executor: David Mitchell, banker, Blairgowrie. Legacies: niece Anna Hutchinson or Murray - 100; United Free Kirk, Braemar - 30; Scottish Auxilliary to China mission 10; to niece Anna Murray - old linen and napery;  "my eight day clock and kitchen dresser and the chest of drawers which belonged to my mother" to her brother Thomas, to sister Margaret Hutchinson or Thomson and sister in law Cecilia Sim or Hutchinson - all her blankets; to sister in law Anne Whittaker - her fur cloak; to sister Margaret Hutchinson or Thomson - 2 silver-plated cake baskets, case of fish slice and fork and fish knives forks; to Mrs Finlay, Woodside, Braemar - her down quilt. Residue divided equally between : Thomas Hutchinson; Margaret Hutchinson or Thomson; Anne Whittaker or Hutchinson and her children. Made at Braemar 28 Nov 1913.
(SC.1/37/143, 3 October 1922)
CS. 24 February 2002.
152 James 24 Dec 1842 22 Oct 1910 c 1870. m. Annie Whittaker. Windsor. d. Windsor.
152 Thomas 28 Sep 1845 21 Sep 1924 1890. m. 16/1/1890. Cecilia Fisher Sim. Edinburgh. d. Balnellan.
  Margaret Watson Clark 27 Mar 1848 1 Nov 1921 m. Alexander Thomson. Crathie, Aberdeenshire. d. Isle of Wight.

"Biography" column from CS. 24 February 2002.