Genealogy of William Hutchison and Ann Cassie.
Hutchison family tree.

Cassie family tree.

  William Hutchison - Draper.


Ann Cassie.
Born 26 February 1848.   4 March 1849.
Place Cruden, Aberdeenshire.    
Died 25 July 1939.   29 December 1891.
Place Aberdeen.   12 Marischal Street, Peterhead.
Married 22 February 1876.   22 February 1876.
Place Windywalls, Savoch, Old Deer, Aberdeenshire.   Windywalls, Savoch, Old Deer, Aberdeenshire.
Ancestors James Hutchison and Mary Castel.   John Cassie and Ann McDonald.
Siblings 5 sisters, 3 brothers.   3 sisters, 3 brothers.


Occupation; draper, in Peterhead.
Address on marriage certificate: 65 Marischal Street, Peterhead.
Death certificate: Cause, chronic myocarditis. Address, 14 Chanonry, Old Aberdeen. Present, dau. Sarah Jane McAdam.
  Marriage address: Windywalls.
Witnesses at marriage: Francis Mitchell and John Cassie.

Cause of death nephritis, pyonephrosis unknown.


ref Name Born Died Biography.
  William James 12 Dec 1876 (*20 Jun) 1915 b. 18/2 Errol Street, Peterhead. Believed served in army in Boer war and WW1. d. Africa? (*d. Dardanelles, of disease.)
  Annie Mary 10 Jul 1878 6 Apr 1947 b. 5 Wallace St, Peterhead. m. 16 Mar 1912, James Allan McGregor.
  Sarah Jane 24 Aug 1880   b. 5 Wallace St. Known as Sadie. (*Sally) m. 29 Jul 1914, Palace Hotel, Peterhead, Charles Alexander McAdam, draper's manager, widower, age 44.
Marriage certificate: Bride's address 1 Thistle St, Peterhead. Groom's address 47 Clarendon St, Glasgow.
Witnesses: Adam Rhind and Maggie Hutchison.
  John Alexander 11 Aug 1882   b. 26 Prince St, Peterhead.
  Margaret C 24 Jul 1885   b. 12 Marischal St, Peterhead. Known as Meg. (*Maggie).
  Elspet 30 Aug 1887   b. 12 Marischal St.  m.1914, John Thomson. Known as Elsie.
  Elizabeth 5 Jun 1890 18 Mar 1891 b & d. 12 Marischal St. Cause of death phthisis bronchial. 


When Annie Mary and Sally left their home in the Chanonry in 1929 (?) and, I think, moved to Cromwell Road, there apparently wasn't room for Maggie, who moved to Peterhead as Companion to a Miss Annand. 

We don't know who this Miss Annand was, but presumably a second cousin, their parents being full cousins. Both sets of parents were grandchildren of George Hutchison and Christian Keith of Gask, Maggie being a granddaughter of James and Mary Castell; Miss Annand being a daughter of either Alex or George Annand, who were sons of Barbara Hutchison.  I don't know which one to choose, and I don't think Betty Strachan does, either.

Alex Annand had three eligible daughters; George Annand had two. Miss Annand lived in Peterhead,  and was a bit of a misery. Poor little Maggie (she was only about 5 feet tall) suffered agonies of starvation. She took refuge occasionally with Betty Strachan's family, who were also relations.  Betty's mother, Elsie Hutchison. was a daughter of James, the illegitimate son of Thomas H., son of George and Christian, so Elsie and Maggie were second cousins.   Oh, these extended families !!!!

When Miss Annand died Maggie moved to Fraserburgh, I assume to live with her youngest sister, yet another Elsie ,who was married to Thomson, the draper. At the 1901 census Annie Mary was keeping house for her uncle, at the age of 23, and she described herself as a Housekeeper at her wedding in 1912. Her address at the time was given as Berrymoss, which surprises me a bit, for the last Hutchison at Berrymoss was Alexander, who died in 1911. He was succeeded by Sandy and Annie Paul, from whom we inherited the Dining Room Table. Close friends whom we often visited.  Annie Paul was a Sangster descendant.

TH - GH 14 May 05.

I've had a close look at Chris Cameron's abstracts of the writings of John Hutchison, of 1817, and I'm intrigued.  The information was already known to us, obtained from some notes left by Uncle Alex Bain. The language, and the information, are identical, so we're left to wonder how he came by his data.  
I think the answer is that Alex Bain and his wife Annie Hutchison, (a niece of William H), together with the Danestone Hutchisons, (Alexander H and Laura Cantlay), were quite close to Annie Mary and Sally: Alex was known to be an enthusiastic genealogist, so they would have shown him the papers, which were later acquired by Alan McGregor and his wife.
I've mentioned this before now, but it stands repeating -  My family's contacts with Annie Mary and Sally most often occurred either at Danestone or at the Bains; though they often visited us at Gladstone Place.  However Laura, permanent resident at Danestone, says she has no recollection of them, and only knew Alan's wife through  professional meetings.
Now we have to ponder the question why these papers passed from the mysterious John H, whom we have never encountered elsewhere, to his nephew William, who was by no means near to the direct line of succession. (My Grandfather, George, of Hardslacks, would have been a more obvious custodian: Maybe they weren't on speaking terms)
And the other question - How come Annie Mary was married from Berrymoss, while the tenant - Alex Hutchison, died a year earlier? (He and his wife had reared the orphan family of James H., including Elsie (Betty Strachan's mother ) Frances Janet, Lucie Hume, and Victor - Eileen's father, plus the orphaned son, James, of the James who married Jane Stewart and later went to  Australia, where he died. (Just to confuse matters, another sister, named Annie Mary, was reared by the Buchan's, at Ardiffery.) I suppose there was no immediate hurry about moving the family out, and as Annie Mary (McGregor, to be) was 32 at the time, was an experienced housekeeper, and had no other commitments, she would have been the obvious choice to help the orphans find their ways forward.  I just wish we had thought of questioning her about the details of the Berrymoss household, for they remain a bit of a mystery. By 1912, date of her wedding, the fates of the various orphans seem to have been settled.  After all, they were no longer all that young.!!!

TH - GH 16 May 05.

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