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Genealogy of James Allan McGregor and Annie Mary Hutchison.
Family tree.
Hutchison family tree.

  James Allan McGregor.


Annie Mary Hutchison.
Born 15 March 1877.   10 July 1878.
Place Mid Street, Keith.   5 Wallace Street, Peterhead.
Died     6 April 1947.
Married 16 March 1912.   16 March 1912.
Place 145 Moss Street, Keith.   145 Moss Street, Keith.
Ancestors Charles McGregor and Mary Lorimer.   William Hutchison and Ann Cassie.
Siblings     2 brothers, 3 sisters.


Marriage certificate: Occupation veterinary surgeon. Address: village, Old Deer.
Witnesses: Charles McGregor (brother), Elsie Hutchison (sister).
  Marriage certificate. Occupation: Housekeeper. Address: Berrymoss, Cruden.


ref Name Born Died Biography.
Allan Francis Lorimer 15 Jul 1914 14 May 1978 b. Old Deer. m. 2 Jan 1941, Margaret Duncan. d. Aberdeen.

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