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Genealogy of Peter Mundie and Ann Dow.
Mundie family tree.

  Peter Mundie - Herring buyer.


Ann Dow.
Born 12 May 1857.   1858.
Place Peterhead.   Cruden.
Died 31 January 1938.   28 October 1922.
Place Aberdeen.   Aberdeen.
Married 6 June 1882.   6 June 1882.
Place Cruden.   Cruden.
Ancestors Peter Mundie and Margaret Barbara Gatt.   David Dow and Ann Walker.
Siblings 2 sisters: 6 brothers.    


Peter Mundie.

The parents of Ann Dow leased the salmon fishing at Cruden Bay from the Earl of Errol.

Ann's husband was Peter Mundie, a Cooper by trade, from Peterhead. It looks as if, aged 23, Peter had got the job in Port Errol, of making barrels for the pickled salmon, and had quickly swept the boss's daughter off her feet. There must have been some doubts about his integrity, reliability, etc., for the Earl, and Ann's mother, arranged for the continuation lease to be in Ann's name, not that of her new husband. Somewhat advanced practice for 1883.

Anyway, Ann ran the business so successfully with the help of her husband and of her cousins, the Mitchell family ,who managed the nets and boats, that she built two substantial houses in Port Errol - one each for herself - "Roselea"- and her sister Helen - "Bay View". Both are still prominent, though Roselea has changed its name. She retired from business when her lease ran out in 1902, when she was 44, and the family moved to Aberdeen.

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ref Name Born Died


  Eleanor Ann. 8 Sep 1885 10 Nov 1970 m. 1913 Thomas Hutchison.
  Margaret Gatt 4 Apr 1886 5 Nov 1929 m. Alex Jamieson, 1927. Died in Malawi.
  David Dow 24 May 1887 16 Sep 1918  
  Peter 6 May 1889 12 Sep 1889  
James Gray 7 Jan 1892 7 Nov 1965  


David Dow Mundie.