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Genealogy of David Milne and Elspet Ewan or Ewing.
Milne family tree.

  David Milne.


Elspet Ewan or Ewing.
Born 25 August 1762.   24 August 1764.
Place Hillhead of Ardo, Logie Buchan.   Logie Coldstone.
Married 5 July 1796.   5 July 1796.
Place Methlick.   Methlick.
Ancestors Hugh Milne and Margaret Sim or Simm.    


When we get to the Methlick Parish register for marriages we find David Milne in the parish of Logie Buchan & Elspet Ewan in this Parish, signified their purpose of marriage amd were married July 5th.

Though I have found a birth certificate for Elspet Ewan, I have not been able to locate places of death or burial for Elspet or David. I think that Elspet likely was a person of some standing, however small, as she took to her marriage some silver cutlery, of which I have a spoon with her EE inscribed and made by a silversmith in the area.



ref Name Born Died Biography.
  David 25 Dec 1810 26 Nov 1878 b. Little Arnage, Ellon; d. Greenfield, Monquitter; m. 1835 Margaret Cheyne.

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