15 George
311 Alexander

Genealogy of John Hutchison and Margaret Thomson.
Family tree.

  John Hutchison (Hutcheon)
Farmer : Miller


Margaret Thomson.
Born 1721.   Not known.
Place Longside: Tiffery.   Longside.
Died 14 Oct 1801.   Not known.
Place Cruden: Gask.   Longside.
Married 1750.   1750.
Place Longside.   Longside.
Ancestors James Hutcheon.   John Thomson and Sophia Ogston.
Siblings 2 brothers, 2 sisters.   Not known.


John Hutcheon, with his wife Margaret Thomson, lived at Inverveddie, either at the farm or more likely at the Meal Mill, from the date of their marriage in 1750 (or thereby) until 1765, when the whole family moved to Dens Mill.

Dens mill has been known as "Denny Mill" for many years. Indeed I think that the great reference book - J.B.Pratt's "Buchan" - refers to it as such. 

John's son George Hutchison, who married Christian Keith, was born at the Dens Mill shortly after the family arrived there, and must have lived there until he married Christian., in 1797.  They then moved to the Runrig Farm Town of Gask, where they spent the rest of their days, he combining farming with his other noted skill - that of a "Wright", who was a cross between a carpenter and a millwright, though he may also have been a Ploughwright. 

At that time the English, Iron-framed and Iron-shod ploughs, introduced by Small, of Forfar, (His descendants are the people who make the delicious Forfar Tablet ) they had not yet arrived in Buchan, and the old Scotch Plough, made of wood, with only the Share of iron, had to be built every year by the Farm town's Wright.

But then the local Wright also had the frequent job of raising the wooden members to support the cottage roofs  thatched with heather and broom, over walls of turf.  Quite possibly George and Christian, being relatively well-to-do, had a house with stone walls, though they weren't as common in Buchan as in, say, Cromar.  The wooden roof frame members were a valuable and carefully preserved possession where timber was scarce, so while thatch and turf walls were dispensible the timbers had to be carefully preserved by the Wright.

I don't know when the rest of the family moved out of Dens Mill. That's something else to be looked into!..   

TH to GH. April 05.



ref Name Born Died Married
  John 23 June 1751 1801  
  ? Probably Margaret. 1752 ?  
  ? Probably Elizabeth. 1753 ? Stillborn?  
311 Alexander 21 Nov 1754 1738 Barbara Keith. 1769 - 1859.
  Jean 17 June 1756 ?  
  Sophia April 1758 ?  
  James 21 April 1760 ? * m. 1819 (aged 59) Isabel Bruce. Ch: George, bc. 1819: Ann, bc. 1826: Robert Bruce, bc. 1828.
15 George 17 July 1765 11 Oct 1844 Christian Keith. 1773 - 1828.

Data from E.L.