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Genealogy of Alexander Ramsay and Christian (Christina) Hutchison.
Hutchison family tree.

Ramsay/Sangster family tree.

  Alexander Ramsay. Policeman and blacksmith.


Christian (Christina) Hutchison.
Born 9 November 1843.   2 March 1843. [* Baptised 12 May 1842, Cruden]
Place Belhelvie, Aberdeenshire.   Cruden, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Died 23 September 1930.   18 September 1920. [* Death cert - 1920 - hemiplegia. Informant - son, Alexander Ramsay.]
Place Hill of Balmedie, Belhelvie.   Middle Ardo, Belhelvie.
Married 4 December 1871.   (1) James Hendry. 22 November 1862.
(2) Alexander Ramsay. 4 December 1871.
Place Berrymoss, Cruden, Aberdeenshire.   Berrymoss, Cruden, Aberdeenshire.
Ancestors William Ramsay and Helen Laing.   James Hutchison and Mary Castel.
Siblings Helen.   4 brothers. 4 sisters.


On October 30th 1871, John Ross, Chief Constable of Aberdeenshire Police wrote -

                            Oct. 30th 1871.
General Memorandum.
Reduction of the force & transfers.

In consequence of the increase of the
City Police boundary the services
of the following men are dispensed
with from the dates opposite
their names -
Cons: D.H.Allan, Woodside.
    "     Alex. Ramsay, Cruden, from
          29th Nov1871.
    "     David Menzies, from 10th Nov
The Superintendent of the City Police
is prepared to take on such men
as are discharged from the County
police on their producing certificates
from the County Chief Constable
so that any of the above are at
liberty to leave the force from the
date when Mr Swanson may require
Application should be made to
Mr Swanson forthwith.


PC Cran, Aberdeen District, to
Huntly at once.
PC Duncan, to Woodside
PC Ledingham, to Cruden
PC Wilson, Inverurie to Kintore
on or after 22nd Nov.
PC Davidson, Kintore to Inverurie,
at his own cost.
PC's Duncan and Ledingham
will be prepared to leave as soon
as Cruden & Woodside are vacant.

                       John Ross
                        Chief Constable.

The original memo is in possession of Grampian Police.



Taken at Ellon C1871.   Alexander Ramsay and Christina Hutchison Ramsay.
Circa 1918.

Children of James Hendry and Christian (Christina) Hutchison.

ref Name Born Died Biography.
13 April 1865   (EL 1911 census. James Henry).
Signature James Henry as informant on death cert of uncle Alexander Hutchison.
  Mary Ann Hendry (Henry) 11 May 1867
Burnhead, Cruden.
21 Feb 1869
Burnhead, Cruden.

Children of Alexander Ramsay and Christian (Christina) Hutchison.

ref Name Born Died Biography.
  Alexander Laing Ramsay. 29 Sept 1872. 22 March 1955 b. 278 George St, Aberdeen. UM.
91 William Hutchison Ramsay. 25 Jun 1875 1955 b. Cornhill, Old Machar, Aberdeenshire. m. 12 October 1901 Mary Gardiner.
  Allan Ramsay. 23 May 1880.   b. Eggie village, Belhelvie. Allan Ramsay, son of Alexander & Christina: On January 24, 1906 at Newton Muirton, Belhelvie Allan Ramsay, Blacksmith married Mary Smart, Domestic Servant. Mary's parents were: John Smart, Farm Servant & Jessie Torry.
  George Laing Ramsay. 15 Sept 1883. 10 Jul 1956. b. Eggie, Belhelvie. d. Calgary, Alberta, Canada, m.1911 Annabella (Annie) Walker.
91 Alfred John Ramsay. 7 Aug1887. 11 July 1954. b. Balmedie. Emigrated to Canada 1904. m. 2 October 1907. Margaret Sangster. d. Winipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Page data from Jim Coutts, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. (Grandson of Alfred John Ramsay and Margaret Sangster).
* Valerie Campbell.