Genealogy of William Sangster and Blanche Robertson.
Robertson family tree.

Sangster family tree.

  William Sangster.


Blanche Robertson.
Born 18 May 1879   1884
Place Midtown, Cruden, Aberdeenshire.   USA.
Died 29 September 1933.   26 August 1960.
Place Winnipeg, Canada.   Winnipeg, Canada.
Married 2 October 1907.   2 October 1907.
Place Winnipeg, Canada.   Point Douglas Church. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Ancestors George Sangster and Catherine Daniel.   John Brown Robertson and Margaret Johnston.
Siblings 6 brothers, 2 sisters.   Alexander, Margaret, Walter and John.


When William, John, & David
settled in Winnipeg they formed a company that evolved into Sangster's Wagon & Body Works.
They were going to build buses by 1933 but William Sangster died and they never pursued it in a big way.

Blanche Robertson was a close school friend of Eleanor Mundie. Blanche's husband, Willy Sangster went from Ellon to Canada, where they were married. (TH - GH Apr 06)

Elmwood cemetery, Winnipeg. 2005.


ref Name Born Died Biography.
  George 29 Sep1911 5 Aug 1988 b & d. Winnipeg, m. Mabel Crawford,  b. 1921, d. 5 Aug 2005.
  William 29 Sep 1911 20 May 2004 b & d. Winnipeg, m. Jean Anderson.
  Jessie Margaret (Dolly) 14 Jul 1908 25 Jan 2003 b. Winnipeg, d. Selkirk, Manitoba, m. William John Stanley McKague, b. 25 Feb 1911 at Coulter, Manitoba, d. 22 Mar 2003 at Selkirk, Manitoba.

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