Genealogy of Alexander Hutchison and Elizabeth Pyper Calder.
Hutchison family tree.





  Alexander Hutchison.


Elizabeth Pyper Calder.
Born 18 January 1854.   1857.
Place     Old Deer, Aberdeenshire.
Died 8 May 1911.   19 January 1923.
Place     Longhaven, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire.
Married 5 December 1882.   5 December 1882.
Ancestors James Hutchison and Mary Castel.    
Siblings 5 sisters, 3 brothers.    

















[* Baptised 18 January 1854, Cruden.]
m. 5 Dec 1882. Elizabeth Pyper Calder, [* b. 1857, Old Deer] (......Grant and ......Henderson).
[* 1901 census - at Berrymoss, Cruden. Also there - nephew James Hutchison,14, b. Aust. & niece Elsie Hutchison, 8, b. Glasgow.]
d. Aberdeen Royal infirmary of acute intestinal obstruction.
Informant James Henry, nephew, [s. of James Hendry & Christian Hutchison] living at Marefield, Midstocket, Abdn. (a)

Alexander Hutchison
must have been a bit of a saint.  He married Elizabeth Calder, who had her own Illeg son, George Findlay. When Thomas's Illeg. son James died, he left a large impoverished family. (I suspect some skullduggery among the lawyers, for he thought he was well off).  Alex H at Berrymoss had no family of his own, so he took in and raised three of the four daughters of James, (The fourth went to the Buchans at Ardiffery ), and James's son Victor - Eileen's father. Later he also raised James H, son of James H who emigrated to Australia.  How on earth the child, aged about ten, managed to find his way, apparently unaccompanied, from Melbourne to Berrymoss I can't imagine. (You'll have to find your way through all these James's.  A "Drop Down Chart" is useful.)

Anyway, Alexander of Berrymoss died:   His widow,  Elizabeth Calder is said by the Fowlie descendants to have hogged his legacies for the benefit of her son. She moved to Longhaven where she died on 19 January 1923.  Her son George Findlay then moved to Montreal, where my parents visited him in 1936 and 1948. Since George was five years older than your Grandfather, and their homes were only half a mile apart, they could have been playmates.

I guess the family stayed on at Berrymoss for another year, for Annie Mary (McGregor), daughter of Alexander's brother William, was married from there in 1912, giving her occupation as "Housekeeper".

TH to GH. May 05.



Children of Alexander Hutchison and Elizabeth Calder. None.

Child of Elizabeth Calder. George Findlay.

* Valerie Campbell.
(a) Death certificate. Copy from Jim Coutts.