Genealogy of Alexander Hepburn Fowlie and Elsie Hutchison.
Hutchison family tree.

Family tree.

  Alexander Hepburn Fowlie. Mason.


Elsie Hutchison.
Born *1869   *16 May1892.
Place   Glasgow.
Died 23 April 1939   *4 April 1978.
Place 31 Cairntrodlie, Peterhead.   *Dunkinty Cottage, Linkwood, Elgin.
Married *(1)Margaret Fordyce.
(2)Elsie Hutchison 10 January 1923.
  *10 January 1923.
Place (1)
*(2) Manse, Peterhead.
  *Manse, Peterhead.
Ancestors *William Fowlie (farmer) and Jane Hepburn.   James Hutchison and Frances McKinnel Copland.


Married (232/1 10) Alexander Fowlie, 54, Stonedriller (journeyman), widower, of 7 Threadneedle St., Peterhead, s/o Wm Fowlie, Farmer and Jane Fowlie ms Hepburn.

Elsie was 30, Domestic servant, spinster, 7 Threadneedle St. Married at the Manse, Peterhead, forms of the Est. Church of Scotland on 10/1/1923.

Witnesses: Alexander Fordyce Fowlie, 7 Threadneedle St, and Chrissie Findlay, Ivy Cottage, Longhaven.

Alexander Hepburn Fowlie, d. 23/4/1939, aged 70, mason ret. m. to (1) Margaret Fordyce, (2) Elsie Hutchison, at 31 Cairntrodlie, informant: J R Fowlie, brother, 6B Thistle St., Peterhead.

EL. Jan 06.

  Elsie Hutchison's father, James H. died in 1901 when Elsie was aged nine. She went to live at Berrymoss with Alexander Hutchison (brother of her grandmother Elspet).

Elsie  left Berrymoss when her Guardian and Berrymoss tenant, Alex. Hutchison, died in 1911; or rather about a year after his death.  Elsie had no means of support, so she did the sensible thing, got a job as housekeeper to a widower with (I think) six children, and then married him. He was Alex Fowlie. 

Elsie bore him three daughters, Lucie, Jean and Betty. Betty married John Strachan, and became our close friend, Betty Strachan, of Alford. Jean Died about 18 months ago in Glasgow; Lucie lives in Mombasa. The Fowlies were residents of Peterhead,
where Betty was born.

TH to GH. May 05.

Elsie d. aged 85, of cerebral thrombosis on 4 April 1978 at Dunkinty Cottage, Linkwood, Elgin - she was a widow.

Children of Alexander Hepburn Fowlie and Margaret Fordyce.

ref Name Born Died Biography.

Children of Alexander Hepburn Fowlie and Elsie Hutchison.

ref Name Born Died Biography.
  Jean.     d. Glasgow.
  Elizabeth. 5th May    b. Peterhead. m. John Strachan.