Genealogy of Alexander Bain and Ann Hutchison.
Hutchison family tree.

  Alexander Bain.


Ann Hutchison.
Born     6 January 1875.
Place      Hardslacks of Cruden.
Died     15 November 1936.
Married     1912.
Ancestors     George Hutchison and Ann Sangster.
Siblings     6 brothers, 2 sisters.

Children. None.

    Ann Bain (Hutchison).

"Auntie Annie" was the elder daughter of George Hutchison and Ann Sangster, born 6th January 1875 at the farm of Hardslacks of Cruden. As eldest daughter she was destined to stay at home to tend, nurse and mend for her siblings, and to help in the house and on the farm.

She attended Hatton school to the age of 14 then became her mother's mainstay for the rest of her life. Her brother Alex writes - "We of the younger part of the family owe a very great debt of gratitude to our sister who nursed  and catered for us, by making clothes for us and at the same time doing the housework."

(And "nursing" entailed protracted care for four long term invalids).

She found relaxation in work for her church and membership of the choir; aquiring intimate acquaintance with the whole farming community in the parish.

By 1911, when the family moved from Hardslacks to Dorbshill and had scattered widely, these burdens largely diminished and she was free to marry her long faithful suitor Alex Bain.

So started a loving and lovable partnership clouded only by the absence of family of their own. They adored children. Annie always had a supply  of ginger cake or biscuit and an inexhaustible supply of soft drinks in the hope that some of her family, or of the neighbours' children, would call.

For her own entertainment she painted - landscapes during the summer; floral patterns on china during the winter. It is still possible to walk into a stranger's house in the north-east and recognise a piece of china by A.Bain. Naturally, the Sunday school, of which Alex was for years superintendent, made a strong appeal.

Her death on 15th November 1936 saddened a large community.

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