Francis Daniel and Catherine Cruickshank.

  Francis Daniel.


Catherine Cruickshank.
Born bc 1774.   bc 1776.
Died 10 February 1847.   19 March 1849.*


MI. Cruden C of S. (V.C. May 06)
Erected by Catherine Cruickshank in memory of her beloved husband Francis Daniel late farmer in Cruden who died 10th Feb 1847 aged 73 years
Also the said Catherine Cruickshank who died 19th March 1843 aged 67 years.

(Catherine could not have put up a monument to Francis in 1847 if she died in 1843.)



ref Name Born Died Biography.
81 James 1810 20 Dec 1875 m. 1 Apr 1843 Janet Sangster.
  Isabella* c1811   She married William Clark on January 9, 1830. The family farmed at Coldwells, Cruden and by the 1841 census had six children.
  David* c1813 25 Jun 1863 On January 8, 1846 he married Christian Boys and farmed at Errolston. He died at Coldwells, Cruden on June 25, 1863 at the age of 50.
  John* c1818 26 Jan 1892 On April 27, 1839 he married Catharine Milne at Slains. The family farmed at Tassatshill, Logie Buchan where John died on January 26, 1892 at the age of 73.
  Francis* c1821   By the late 1840's he was living abroad.
  Margaret* 20 Oct 1825 27 Sep 1911 b: October 20, 1825 at Cruden. On February 7, 1850 she married George Cordiner at Cruden. Margaret died on September 27, 1911 at Marrianknaps, Cruden.
  Elizabeth* c1826   On June 25, 1842 she married Robert Skene at Slains. 

Page data from Valerie Campbell.
* Jim Coutts.