Charles Hutchison and Jean Adams.
Family tree.

  Charles Hutchison.


Jean Adams.
Born c 1812.    
Died 13 November 1891.   20 December 1891.
Place Gowan Brae, Powis Place, Aberdeen.    
Ancestors James Hutchison and Barbara Connon.    


1841 Census: Living at Kinmundy, Longside.
Charles, 26, agricultural labourer.
Jean, 28.
Fearlynd, 6.
James, 4.
William, 2.
Jean, 12 mths.

1851 Census: Living at Downiehills.
Charles, 36, (brickwork?) labourer.
Jean, 39.
Jane (Jean?), 10.
Isabella, 7.
Adam, 4.
George, 10 mths.

1861 Census: Living in Longside.
Charles, 48, agricultural labourer.
Jean, 49.
Adam, 14.
Helen, 8.
George, 11.
Ferylna (Ferlina), 6, grand-daughter.

1871 Census: Living in Longside.
Charles, 58, farm servant.
Jane, 59.
George, 20, labourer.

1881 Census: Living at Kinmundy Road, 3 Kinmundy Village.
Charles, 68, general labourer.
Jean, 69.

  Both Charles and Jean died of influenza.

On the death certificates of 1891 -
Charles died in 13th November of Influenza he had it for 7days.
Charles Parents are James Hutchison and Barbara Connon (i cannot read her surname right)
He died at Gowan Brae, Powis Place, Aberdeen.  His daughter and is his inmate  signed his death certificate as (cannot read first name Hutchison
Jean died in 20th December or Influenza she also had it for 7 days. Ferlina Reid her grand-daughter signed her certificate she lived at 16 Erskine Street, Aberdeen.



ref Name Born Died Biography.
  James 1 Jan 1837   b. Longside.
  William 6 Jan 1839   b. Longside.
  Jean (Jane) 4 Apr 1841   b. Longside.  m. Charles Cruden.
  Isabel 10 Sep 1843   b. Longside.
  Adam 6 Aug 1846   b. St Fergus.
  George 19 May 1850   b. Peterhead
  Helen 5 Apr 1853   b. Longside.

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