68 Murray

James Lauder and Lucie Hume Hutchison.

  James Lauder - Salesman.


Lucie Hume Hutchison - Clerk.
Born February 1894.   17 June 1893.
Place Toronto, Canada.    
Married 28 October 1916.   28 October 1916.
Place Toronto.   Toronto.
Ancestors Andrew Lauder.   James Hutchison and Francis McKinnel Copland.
Siblings Agnes, Ellen and Robert.   4 sisters, 2 brothers.


Marriage witness: Alex J. Patterson.   Lucie Hume HUTCHISON, b. 17 June 1893 Emigrated to Canada possibly soon after the death in 1911 of (her uncle) Alexander Hutchison. She and Elsie were living with him and his wife (Elizabeth Calder). At some time she married a James Lauder, Electrician, presumably in Canada. Only child known was Murray J Lauder, musician. They lived in various addresses in Toronto. Murray was on active service in 1945 and was in the Canadian Forces Band as a bass player. He apparently came to Scotland during this time as Elsie vaguely remembers him visiting her mother. In 1956 he is managing the flower shop in the Park Plaza Hotel (apparently an up-marked hotel) in Toronto. Nothing further discovered as yet.


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