Genealogy of John Cruickshank and Christian Annand.
Annand family tree.





  John Cruickshank - farmer.


Christian Annand.
Born 25 February 1834.   4 February 1834.
Place Slains, Aberdeenshire.   Cruden.
Died # 26 March 1888.   13 October 1923.
Place # South Teuchan, Cruden.   Cruden.
Married 16 July 1857.   16 July 1857.
Place Teuchan, Cruden.   Teuchan, Cruden.
Ancestors # John Cruickshank and Jane Gray.   Alexander Annand and Barbara Hutchison.
Siblings # James, William.   8 sisters, 5 brothers.


[# d. 26 March 1888, South Teuchan from ulceration of the stomach. Informant: John Cruickshank, father.

1881 census: John, farmer of arable acres, Christian and Margaret, John, Alexander, Mary Ann, William and James and grand daughter Mary Ann Greig living at South Teuchan.]

[+ 1891 census: Christian, farmer, living at South Teuchan with Margaret, John, Mary Ann, William, James and Mary Ann Greig (grand-daughter)]

  1841 census - reside at Mains Gask.
Died at 3 Rosebank, Cruden. Senility. Informant - son, J Cruickshank, South Hayfarm, Cruden.

[# 1891 census: Christian, farmer, was living at South Teuchan with Margaret, John, Mary Ann, William, James, and Mary Ann Greig (grand daughter).]
Mary Ann Greig is daughter of Jane Cruickshank.


ref Name Born Died Biography.
  Jane 29 May 1858
+ 1859
#25 Aug 1945 b. Cruden.d. Aberdeen.  m. 1881 James Mackie.
  Alexander 19 Aug 1860 # 8 Oct 1863 b. Slains. [#d. New North Clochtow, Slains, of diptheria and croup.
Informant: James Cruickshank, uncle.]
  Margaret 4 Feb 1865 # 27 Mar 1904 b. Slains. [#Unmarried. d. Hatton, 39, Cruden, of intestinal ulceration.
Informant: John Cruickshank, brother, South Teuchan.]
  John 1 Jan 1867   b. Slains. Farming South Hayfarm in 1923.

[#  m. Margaret Ann Paul, 28, farmer's daughter of Stonyhill, Cruden, 5 Jan 1900 at Port Erroll, Cruden.
Witnesses: William Paul & James Cruickshank.  (Margaret Ann Paul is a sister of the John Paul who married John Cruickshank's sister Mary Ann)]

1901 census: John, farmer, and Margaret were living at South Teuchan with John's sister Margaret, domestic servant.]

  Alexander 15 Jan 1869 8 Mar 1897 b. Slains. Possibly living with Ann Gardiner (nee Sangster) in 1881.

[# A saddler, at the 1891 Census was living at High Street, Strichen with aunt, Margaret Annand and her husband William Thomson.  He died, single, 8 Mar 1897, 2 St Mary Street, Peterhead, of heart disease.  Informant: John Cruickshank, brother, South Teuchan. ]

  # Mary Ann # 8 Nov 1871   # b. at Mudhole, Slains. m. John Paul, 27, farmer's son of Stonyhill, Cruden, 1 Mar 1895 at Teuchan.  Witnesses: A Cruickshank and Alexander Paul.

1901 Census: John & Mary Ann were living at 68 Bedford Road, Aberdeen with daughter, Mary Helen (b. 9 Jul 1895, South Teuchan)..
68 Bedford Road is the address of Mary Ann Greig (the daughter of Mary Ann Cruickshank's eldest sister Jane)

At the 1901 census 68 Bedford Rd contained Mary Ann Paul, husband John Paul, daughter Mary Helen Paul - Also Mary Ann Greig, husband Alexander Dalgarno, their daughters Leila Ann and Mary Jane, and Mary Ann Paul's mother Christian.

  # William # 11 Feb 1874   # b. Mudhole, Slains.
  # James # 18 Sep 1876   # b. Collyhill, Cruden.

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