Genealogy of James Mutch and Christina Watson.
Family tree.

  James Mutch.


Christina Watson.
Born 1 July 1896   20 August 1903.
Place Cruden.   Ellon, Aberdeenshire.
Died 10 January 1978.   22 September 1984.
Place 3 Gordon Terrace, Ellon.   Ellon.
Married 23 September 1921.   23 September 1921.
Place Ellon.   Ellon.
Ancestors James Mutch and Christina Annand.   William Watson and Mary Oliphant.
Siblings 3 brothers, 2 sisters.    

5 Children.

ref Name Born Died Biography.
  Rena.     m. Peter Duncan. dau Valerie.

Page data from Valerie Campbell.

 27 Mar 05

I have a note of a William Watson Mutch b. 5 Sept 1925 died 25 July 1968 in Ellon who married an Isabel Cantlay on 28 July 1956 in Ellon. She was born 15 August 1927 and died December 1998. William was a Grocer/poulterer and Isabel a teacher. Is this the Cantlay reference you were seeking?