Genealogy of John Coutts and Christina Coutts.
Coutts family tree.

  John Coutts.


Christina Isabella Coutts.
Born 1880   1888
Died 3 August 1944.   8 November 1975.
Place Glenroy Wisdom Howe, Dinnet, Aberdeenshire.    
Married 12 October 1912   12 October 1912.
Place Mulloch, Dinnet, Aboyne.   Mulloch, Dinnet, Aboyne.
Ancestors George Coutts and Isabella Forbes.   Charles Coutts, farmer, and Jane Anderson.
Siblings Elizabeth, George.    


Marriage registered 14th October at Aboyne.
Established Church of Scotland.
William Sawers, minister of Dinnet.
Witnesses: James Coutts and Jane Coutts.
John Coutts, described as a gamekeeper. Usual residence,  Wisdom Howe, Dinnet.
Christina Coutts, described as a domestic servant. Usual residence, Mulloch, Dinnet.

Headstone in Logie-Coldstone churchyard.


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