Genealogy of  Frederick James Coutts and Lillian Dunlop Ramsay.
Coutts family tree.

Ramsay/Sangster family tree.

  Frederick James Coutts.


Lillian Dunlop Ramsay.
Born 12 July 1907.   10 September 1908.
Place Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.   Winnipeg.
Died 31 July 1982.   3 November 1981.
Place Winnipeg.   Winnipeg.
Married 1 June 1940.   1 June 1940.
Place Winnipeg.   Winnipeg.
Ancestors James McKinnon Coutts & Kate Maria Course.   Alfred John Ramsay and Margaret Sangster.
Siblings Marjorie Florence, Edna May and Elizabeth.   Alfred John, Margaret, Kathleen Alfreda France, Alexander George and David Sangster.



Frederick James Coutts was born in Winnipeg on July 12, 1907. He was the only son of James and Kate Coutts. He had three sisters, Marjorie Florence, September 22, 1908 - May 14, 1909, Edna May October 3, 1909 - February 9, 1933, and Elizabeth (Betty) Kate born December 1, 1915. The family lived at 126 Morley Avenue in the Riverview district of Winnipeg, and he attended Riverview, Lord Roberts and Kelvin Schools.

He later attended the Manitoba Agricultural College, at the urging of his father, but did not complete the curriculum. He took a correspondence course in art and became proficient at drawing, particularly birds and animals. In later years daughter Margaret and son Jim could attest to his ability since he "helped" complete many school art folios and art projects, which obtained passing grades.

Fred lived at home during the depression of the 1930's and worked at Campbell Bros.  & Wilson Wholesale Grocers, where his father and Uncle, Harry Course, were employed.

In the mid 1940's Campbell Bros. & Wilson was sold and Fred's father retired from the company. Fred obtained employment, through his brother in law, Alf Ramsay, working at Midwest Storage & Distributing as a warehouseman. He stayed until he formally retired in 1972, working primarily on the Benjamin Moore Paint account. He also looked after the "company store" and continued to do that on a part time basis after retirement until 1977, when he was 70 years old.

At an early age Fred developed an interest in studying birds and collecting stamps. Both became lifelong hobbies. As a young man he kept extensive notes on bird migration and nesting, taking photographs and recording events. He loved the outdoors and would often take holidays by himself "birding". He particularly enjoyed his two week holiday in June at Hillside Beach on Lake Winnipeg for many years.

During WW2  he stopped driving or owning a car and was often found riding his bicycle to favourite birdwatching places like Oman's Creek and Brookside Cemetery well into the 1950's. In 1980 he had an eye removed due to a tumor. He was very accepting of this development and it didn't deter him from birdwatching

His collection
of bird books, photographs and notes were donated to the Museum of Man and Nature in Winnipeg, for educational purposes. In 1998 the Museum had a special exhibit honoring the contributions of amateur ornithologists, including Fred. His 40 years of bird counts (1924 - 1964) is an important source of birding data in Manitoba especially of the early years.

Fred died on July 31, 1982 nine months after Lillian passed away.

  Lillian Dunlop Ramsay was born in Winnipeg September 10, 1908. She was the eldest child of Alfred and Margaret Ramsay.

She was old enough to remember her father going overseas in World War 1 and of her uncle David Sangster coming to live with the family while her father was gone. She also remembered her Uncle not returning, having been killed in action.

When her father returned the family moved to a farm at Glenwood, Manitoba where she left school after grade 8 in order to help support the family. She admitted that at the time she felt more fulfilled doing farm chores than going to school. The family returned to Winnipeg a few years later.

At the age of 19, Lillian went to Scotland for 6 months to visit her relatives. The trip resulted in lasting relationships for the rest of her life and a number of memorable photographs for her future family to enjoy.

She lived at home during the depression and was employed at Eaton's department store at the rate of $9.00 a week which was essential income for the family at the time. The impact that the depression had on her was evident many years later when on numerous occasions  she expressed the wish that her children would never have to go through what her generation endured.

Bill Sangster, Lillian's first cousin, recalls around 1935 attending an A B & K (Aberdeenshire, Banffshire and Kincardineshire) social and Lillian introducing him to her beau. Bill remembered that "this guy could really dance". His name was Fred Coutts.

On June 1, 1940 Lillian and Fred were married; they had two children Margaret Kate born April 17, 1941 and James (Jim) Frederick born July 2, 1945.

Lillian and Fred rented the upstairs of a duplex at 36 Evanson Street, then rented 32 Evanson Street before buying 66 Evanson Street in 1949. In order to supplement income they took in children of managers of the Hudson's Bay Company Northern Stores throughout the 1950's. This also enabled the children to get an education as no schools existed where their parents were posted.

Lillian returned to working at Eaton's department store in the late 1950's until she formally retired in 1973 at the age of 65. She continued to work there on a part time basis until the age of 70.

In 1964 Lillian obtained her drivers licence and bought her first car. It gave her the freedom she had never had before, and together with Fred they enjoyed many leisurely vacations they hadn't had in years.

Throughout her life she was very proud of her Scottish heritage  and loved her family very much. Friends and family described her as a very special person; a one of a kind. She began teaching Sunday School when she was in her late teens and was a regular church goer until she became ill in late 1980. Lillian died November 3, 1981 after a year long battle with cancer.


ref Name Born Died Married
  Margaret Kate 17 Apr 1941.    
  James (Jim ) Frederick 2 Jul 1945.    



Inwood, Manitoba. 1946.


Margaret, Fred, Lillian & Jim. December 1961.

Page data from Jim Coutts, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.