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Genealogy of William Hutchison and Mary Youngson.
Family tree.
  William Hutchison.


Mary Youngson.
Born 3 May 1877.    
Place Hardslacks, Cruden, Aberdeenshire.    
Died 5 February 1928.   12 February 1928.
Married 1917?    
Ancestors George Hutchison and Ann Sangster.    
Siblings 6 brothers, 2 sisters.    


William Hutchison  & Mary Youngson. Ca 1917.
Farmer. Dorbshill, Auchmacoy, Ellon, Aberdeenshire.


William Hutchison (1877 - 1928) was born at the farm of Hardslacks of Cruden, fourth son and fifth child of George Hutchison and Ann Sangster.

He attended Hatton school to the age of 14 then, somewhat reluctantly, stayed at the farm to help his father. He hankered after a commercial career - for which he was not really suited - and for some time combined his farm duties those of a part time sales representative for a feeding-stuff manufacturer. This experience led to a full time appointment as a "traveller" for the Aberdeen Lime Company until in 1901 he joined the firm of Barclay, Ross & Tough in the same capacity.

This formal connection lasted until his death in 1928 although long before then he had withdrawn to manage, full time, the family farm of Hardslacks following the death of his father in 1906.

After the return from Canada of his younger brother Alexander, they jointly leased the farm of Dorbshill in Logie-Buchan, whither they moved at Martinmas (November term), 1910. This larger holding was then home to their widowed mother, her three sons, George - a permanent invalid, William and Alexander, and two daughters, Ann and Isabella.

Isabella died in 1911; George in 1922.

Ann moved out on her marriage in 1922 to Alex Bain. Alexander left to run his own farm - Danestone, in Oldmachar in 1924, and at the same time their mother joined their sister Ann Bain in Aberdeen.

William married Mary Youngson, from Crosstone Farm, Ellon, in 1917. He continued to run Dorbshill untill his unexpected and tragic death on 5th February 1928, aged 51 - one week before that of his widow Mary, who died on 12th February 1928.

They left one son, William Youngson Hutchison, aged 8, who joined the household of his uncle Alexander Hutchison at Danestone, with whom he was brought up.

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ref Name Born Died Married
  William Youngson     1956. Rebecca (Rea) Banks.