Alexander Hutchison.


Laura Rose Janet Cantlay.
Born 1st August 1879.    
Died 22nd December 1955.    
Married 1915.   1915.
Ancestors George Hutchison and Ann Sangster.    
Siblings 6 brothers, 2 sisters.    


L - R. Laura (Cantlay) H, Alex Cantlay H, Alexander Hutchison, Laura Ann H.
In front - Ada Madeline H, dr of James H & Lillie Harper.
Taken at Dorbshill ca 1919.
Complete photograph.
L - R
Laura Ann, Alexander, Alexander Cantlay, Marjorie Jean, Laura RJ.
of Danestone Farm: Woodside: Aberdeenshire. Ca 1928.


Alexander Hutchison (1879 - 1955) was the fifth son and sixth child of George Hutchison and Ann Sangster. He was born on 1st August 1879 on the farm of Hardslacks of Cruden: returned to work on the farm for a year then, like most of his siblings, opted for another career.

He followed family tradition into joinery and carpentry but rather than learning the trade by helping his father - as was formally the practice - he served a four year apprenticeship, with one year as a journeyman, with James Robertson, the millwright at Bogbrae, Cruden. This formality of course opened the door to employment anywhere in the english speaking world.

Two years were spent getting experience locally but then a serious attack of pleurisy enforced an 18 month convalescence. Then to Edinburgh for four years and formal qualifications in building technology from Herriot Watt College, and emigration to Winnipeg, Canada.

Once again illness, in the form of a typhoid epidemic, wrecked progress and, seriously debilitated, he eventually returnd to convalesce on the farm at Hardslacks.

By now however farming prospects had become brighter and it made sense for Alex, in partnership with his older bother William, to lease the larger property of Dorbshill of Logie Buchan into which the remaining family (Mother Ann Sangster, Geo jnr, Ann, William, Alex) moved in November 1910.

He married Laura Cantlay of the farm of Arthrath of Ellon. Their three children were born at Dorbshill, then at whitsunday 1924 they moved to Danestone Farm, Oldmachar, in which they lived for 21 years.

Despite the severe agricultural depression of the 20's and 30's he realised that, though the life was sheer slavery, dairying at least kept the banker from the door. In 1936 the imminence of war relieved the situation and by 1945 they were glad to retire to Cults, Aberdeen.

TMH January 2004.



ref Name Born Died Married
  Alexander Cantlay 1 Mar 1916 25 Dec 2014 30 June 1942. Nan Davidson..
3 dau:
Sheila m. Christopher Glidewell 1970.
Beth m. John Hartley 1986.
Linda m. Mark Gyngell 1977.
  Laura Ann 1 Oct 1917 21 Nov 2013 d. Aberdeen.
  Marjorie Jean 2 Sep 1921 25 Oct 2010 d. Dunfermline.


Alexander Cantlay Hutchison, MA.Aberdeen. (1936) BSc. PhD.
Born Dorbshill, Auchmacoy, Ellon, Aberdeenshire.
Laura Ann Hutchison, MA.Aberdeen. (1939).
Infant teacher.