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Genealogy of  James Coutts and Isabella Taylor.
Coutts family tree.

  James Coutts. Mason and farmer.


Isabella Taylor.
Born 14 October 1818.   29 October 1827.
Place Glenmuick, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.   Alford, Aberdeenshire.
Died 3 March 1892.   13 October 1895.
Place Parkhead, Tibbermore.   86 Rosemount Place, Aberdeen.
Married 1 December 1859.   1 December 1859.
Place Bogfields, Leochel Cushnie.   Bogfields, Leochel Cushnie.
Ancestors Charles Coutts and Jean Ley.   Thomas Taylor (a farmer) and Ann Mitchell.
Siblings Charles, Jean, George and John.   Margaret.



James McKinnon, James, Elizabeth and Isabella Coutts . C1891

James & Isabella Coutts.

James and Isabella Coutts (nee Taylor) lived in the parish of Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. James Coutts was born on October 4, 1818 in Glenmuick, Aberdeenshire, Scotland to Charles and Jean Coutts (nee Ley). James would eventually take the trades of his father, a mason and a farmer.

Isabella Taylor was born on October 29, 1827 at Alford, Aberdeenshire, Scotland to Thomas Taylor, a farmer and his wife Ann (nee Mitchell). James and Isabella were married at Bogfields in the Parish of Leochel Cushnie on December 1, 1859. They had three sons and a daughter of their own: James born on September 15, 1860, Thomas born July 11, 1862, David born January 10, 1865 and Elizabeth (Lizzie) born July 14, 1866. The 1871 census shows the family living at Mullach in Aboyne. The 1881 census shows only Thomas and Lizzie living at home with their parents.

James and Isabella adopted1 James McKinnon at an early age and he would later take their name. His birth date was March 15, 1882. The 1891 census shows the family, without the other sons, living at the same place with the 71 year old Mr Coutts' occupation shown as a farmer.

On March 3, 1892 James Coutts died of apoplexy apparently as a result of a horse and carriage accident. Isabella died on October 13, 1895 of enteritis. Their daughter, by then a young woman, was left to raise young James Mckinnon.

1 In Scotland, statutory adoption did not start until 1930 and the birth of the earliest person involved was 1909. Before official adoption there might have been legal procedures such as guardianship, wards etc., through the courts but most would have been informal family or arrangements with neighbors etc.



Logie Coldstone graveyard.
September 2004.
Memorial stone to -
James & Isabella.
James, Thomas and David.

Next to the headstone of Elizabeth and Charles Stewart.



ref Name Born Died Biography.
  James. 15 Sep 1860.
Kranord (Keanord) Cottage.
12 Mar 1913.
Braeside, Glasgow.
m. 7 Jan 1898.
Mary Agnes Burgess.
Kirkpatrick-Durham, Kirkcudbright.
  Thomas. 11 July 1862.
Kranord Cottage.
17 Apr 1924.
East Hough (Haugh), Pitlochry.
m. 6 Jan 1902 Mary Ann McLeod.
Queen's Hotel, Blairgowrie.
  David. Burnside of Mulloch,
1 Sept 1922.
South Africa.
  Elizabeth. 14 Jul 1866.
6 Aug 1945.
Fairview, Groddie, Logie Coldstone.
m. 2 Apr 1913.
Charles Stewart.
Caledonian Station Hotel,


03 James McKinnon. (Adopted). 15 Mar 1882. 1 Dec 1971. m. 2 Oct 1906.
Kate Maria Course.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Page data from Jim Coutts, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.